Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: what action do we take?

Thank you, Peter. I was aware of the Wein Safe Sync, but I like to play around making things. I'm using an MOC3020 opto-coupler. I got the idea from another thread but I'm modifying the design to avoid having to take my flash apart. I'll post something when I get it done.

Phil H

Peter T wrote:
Just in case you aren't aware of it, I want to mention that a
product called Wein Safe Sync will take care of any problem with
high trigger voltage.

phil h wrote:


I think you're right - the more e-mails Canon gets the more likely
they are to do something. Times like this I wish I had a law
degree. There must be a way to get them for deceptive advertising
or something.

I haven't modified my 283 yet to reduce the trigger voltage so I
can't try it with my G1. I'd feel really stupid if I complained to
Canon then found I didn't have the problem - I know it's not very

Phil H

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