Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

Started May 15, 2001 | Discussions thread
Peter T Senior Member • Posts: 1,272
Re: what action do we take?

I agree. I'll be e-mailing them. I think it's very important to clearly delineate the problem so they can see that it is screw up. If you read through this thread you'll see how hard it is to get anyone to see that.

nahau wrote:

Hello Michael and all,
I have read this thread with interest, and have tried and
experienced the exact problem using a Minolta 360PX TTL/Manual
flash. It is definitely a Canon screw up!!
SO.....What do we do about it? We can all sit here and complain
and hope Canon somehow reads this thread...OR...we can all send an
e-mail to Canon at least to show that there are many of us that
don't like this "annoyance"! I for one will e-mail Canon
today...and if enough of us do it, maybe they will give a better
response to the problem...of course this is "wishful
thinking"...but I'm gonna try anyways!

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