**Challenge 67: Close-up Photography** II

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Paul Donovan Contributing Member • Posts: 503
Re: Seven canidates for the pending gallery


Makes sense, thanks for clearing it up! Hadn't thought of the newbie thing.

Good luck!


Pops wrote:

Paul Donovan wrote:

Anyway, they are there now, hope they help.

Thanks, Paul.

One of the little problems the challenges run into is new
challengers either don't read or understand the rules. About once
every other challege or so we'll get an entry in the Eligible
gallery that is outside the challenge dates. Because the date is
there we can react. The new challenger has a better understanding
of the rules and there are less "violations" of the rules.

You're right in that we don't really NEED to have the date there,
assuming everyone reads, understands and follows the rules. We
certainly can't require it for the newbies and not the oldies (You
are a decided "oldie"). I still feel that it should be required on
all pictures in the Eligible Gallery. That is just my opinion.

Thanks for putting up with this old "Law and Order" challenger.


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