Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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nahau Senior Member • Posts: 1,357 what action do we take?

Hello Michael and all,

I have read this thread with interest, and have tried and experienced the exact problem using a Minolta 360PX TTL/Manual flash. It is definitely a Canon screw up!!

SO.....What do we do about it? We can all sit here and complain and hope Canon somehow reads this thread...OR...we can all send an e-mail to Canon at least to show that there are many of us that don't like this "annoyance"! I for one will e-mail Canon today...and if enough of us do it, maybe they will give a better response to the problem...of course this is "wishful thinking"...but I'm gonna try anyways!

Michael W. wrote:

Below is an inquiry I sent to Canon and their reply. Quite frankly
I’m very disappointed in Canon’s attitude. Isn’t
it consumer’s right to expect that their product is to work
properly with “industry-standard” accessories unless
otherwise stated? Please voice your opinion.

Your inquiry as follows: *****
Flash with non-Canon flash is over exposed as if aperture is full
open at 2.0, regardless what the actual aperture setting is.
Flashes used: Vititar 283, Sunpak 383. Can this problem corrected
by sending in, or is Cannon planning to issue a fix via firmware?
Canon response as follows: ******
Dear Michael

Canon only designs,tests and manufactures accessories for our
products. It is therefore up to other manufacturers to meet our
standards and abilities.

Thank you for your inquiry

Canon USA

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