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Jack Simpson wrote:

Lance B wrote:

Pentaxer wrote:

One poster on this forum, I honestly feel,
paired poor quality lenses with his ist D, only to arrive at a
biased conclusion that was unfavorable to him. most cameras
perform exceptionally well with 3rdparty lenses, but IMHO, a
camera performs optimally with its own lens lines.

That poster will also say that he can't get good pentax glass "down
under". I don't think he's heard of ebay, which is a
treasure-trove for those, worldwide, willing to look.

I'm with you Pentaxer. I have bought the following from Ebay in the
last few months:
FA 50mm f1.4, SMC A 100mm f2.8 (a little gem that Mark Dimo
recommended), SMC A 135mm f2.8, SMC A* 200mm f2.8 ED, SMC A* 300mm
f4 and a F 100mm f2.8. All in great condition and the 50mm, 100mm
and 200mm look as though they were hardly even used. I love those
old manual focus A lenses!

Hi Lance,

Have I mentioned, lately, how much I hate you

I was getting the feeling I may have been upsetting some. Sorry, but I just can't help myself. Brett St Pierre and I now both have the disease so we are setting up a self help group called Pentax Lens Buyers Anonymous, an offshoot to Alcoholics Anonymous.

. well not so much you but the fact that you got those skookum
lenses and I didn't but then I don't go to E-bay.

There are some great lenses there, Jack. Don't let an opportunity go by I say. There's a SMC A* 300mm f4 there at the moment:
and these as well:

Have fun with your babies.

I am and I will!!



PS-Your full post was very well put!

Agree wholeheartedly!

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It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one is

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