Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

Yahoo has the the 550ex listed for $284. A lot less than $480, but still more than $69.

Yahoo has the 20ex for $189.

Michael W. wrote:
If you know what an SLR is, then you would know that every one of
them has a hot shoe and every one of them will work with an
industry-standard flash. Granted, proprietary features like E-TTL
or even just TTL is never guarantteed to work with 3-rd party
flashes, but the basic manual operation is a universal expectation.
I had existing flashes, but I was also willing to (and did) buy
another one.

Yes, price difference is the main gripe. And we're not talking
about chump change, how about the difference between $69 for a
Sunpak 383 vs. $480 for a Canon 550EX? I certainly did not plan on
spending the extra $400 that Canon led me to believe I should NOT
have to. Had Canon offerred a decent, resonably priced manual
flash I would not have complained so much. No EX flash lesser than
the 550EX offers any manual control - which is a must for advanced


DanO wrote:

Michael W. wrote:

Let me make myself a little more clear… in this analogy Canon
is the software vendor and GENERIC flash makers are the computer
manufacturers. These flash makers never advertise that their
product works for the G1 in specific but they do work with just
about every camera that supports a standard hot shoe. Canon
advertised that the G1 support generic flashes and it works with
NONE. Canon does mention that the G1 will not fire some 3-rd party
flashes… I would not have bought the G1 had Canon told me it
would not work with ANY 3-rd pary flash.

Not to be rude, but let me ask you a question. I hear a lot of
people state that they are upset about not being able to use 3rd
party flashes. Is this because they already have them, or is it
because there is a price difference? I didn't have a flash prior
to purchasing my G1, so it wasn't a big deal to me which flash I
"had" to buy. I just looked at it as an accessory to purchase with
this camera. I had never had a camera before that accepted
external flash, so I really can't relate to what the problem is.
Also, maybe I am missing something, but I don't remember Canon
mentioning other flashes than the EX series, for the G1, when I was
looking researching whether or not I wanted to purchase the camera.


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