Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

Michael W. wrote:
I'm about to give up on analogies, but let me try one more shot as
well. Canon G1 is like a computer advertised as
otherwise-proprietary with an advertised UNIVERSAL monitor port.
Realities while all standard monitors will plug in OK only Canon
brand will work PROPERLY (I'm not talking about the ability to take
advantage of proprietary features, I only expect basic
industry-standard functions to work). If this still confuses
people, then I give up.


PS. on your tire analogy would be quite correct too if it reads:
you buy and put on CORRECT size tires from various manufacturers
and in a month you find out that the car often steers itself into
ditches except when used with tires made by the car manufacturer.

Gene wrote:
I would think the analogy should be:

Canon is the computer manufacturer and the flash company is a
peripheral device maker, like scanners, printers, ect. But Canon
isn't an IBM clone manufacturer, but a closed proprietary
manufacturer like Apple was - don't know if they still are.

If you buy third party software/hardware, it isn't Apple's
responsibility to see it work, it's the company you bought the
hardware/software from. If Photoshop wasn't working properly, would
you be complaining to Microsoft? You would if it didn't install -
but you would complain to Adobe as well, and probably prior to MS.

That would be like buying a set of tires for my Neon, bought the
wrong size - but they fit under the wheel well, then complaining to
Chysler if something doesn't work right, since the car was designed
to use tires. But that analogy is slightly off.

Michael W. wrote:
Let me make myself a little more clear… in this analogy Canon
is the software vendor and GENERIC flash makers are the computer
manufacturers. These flash makers never advertise that their
product works for the G1 in specific but they do work with just
about every camera that supports a standard hot shoe. Canon
advertised that the G1 support generic flashes and it works with
NONE. Canon does mention that the G1 will not fire some 3-rd party
flashes… I would not have bought the G1 had Canon told me it
would not work with ANY 3-rd pary flash.


Michael W. wrote:
That is exactly the point! But you got it reversed.


Tong Yi Tsui wrote:

If you buy a Windows software that screw up on 99% of all Windows
computers, would you expect the software vendor to fix their bugs
or do you think that it's ethical or even legal for them deny
supporting "3-rd party" computers? Would you bring the problem to
Intel or Microsoft instead?

Bad analogy. It should be the other way around. If you buy a
computer that does not run third party software, but you went out
and bought the third party software anyway, should the computer
maker be responsible for making the software you bought run with
its computer? Even though the software may be on a CD-ROM, and your
computer has a CD-ROM driver, does it automatically mean the
computer should run the third party software? I think not.

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