Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?


Do you have the original firmware or If you do have the original firmware then this just confirms the theory that these problems popped up after the firmware update. I'm really anxious to know because it's driving me nut.

Just to confirm the problem that Peter T, myself and others are experiencing: at speeds 1/10 sec or slower exposure results are just as expected. At faster speeds, e.g. 1/125 sec., f4.5 through f7.1 will actually expose MUCH BRIGHTER than f4.0 given everything else is identical for example.

The firmware update came in February, so if you had the camera since January and haven't updated your firm ware then chances are it still has the original version. Gosh, I definitely want to revert my firmware back if that is realy the case. Mine came with the new firmware preinstalled, so I have no idea what life would be like with the original version.

As others indicated, there is no synch problem if the third-party flash is slave triggered by a 550EX, so there is no surprise there.

Thank you very much!


euthon wrote:

I've been using a G1 with a couple of third party flash guns since
January. I never experienced any problems. The flashes and camera
work just as expected. They are slaved optically with some generic
noname slave units. The slaves are triggered by a 550EX plugged
into the hot shoe. Amazingly, the slaves do not react to the

I just tried to plug one of those flashes directly into the
camera's hot shoe to see if can reproduce your problem. Nope, it
still works fine, syncing up to 1/500 and I can control flash
exposure with the aperture. (I tried shutter speeds 1/125, 1/250,
1/500; f-stops 2.8, 4.0, 5.6, 8.0). So, i don't really understand
what you problem is, I can only guess your G1 is somehow different
from mine...


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