Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

Started May 15, 2001 | Discussions thread
Kevin Bjorke Contributing Member • Posts: 599
Re: Canon’s attitude: stinks

Canon absolutely claims that the G1 is apprpriate for professional-grade work with ad copy like this, from

further, there are ISO standards for hotshoe triggering, and Canon is 100% aware of those standards, since CANON LEADS THE ISO COMMITTEE!!!

Even if all this weren't true, even Canon's EX support is patchy, and worse in their "Pro" camera

If you're a dealer, ask your Canon rep -- what's the deal? Why does Canon deny that anything is wrong, and keep wobbling on their story? Why don't they attempt to fix it?

Personally, I think all of us who are G1 owners are already off Canon's development radar. They have no interest in supporting existing customers. I doubt there will ever be any revision to the firmware or any other fix to this problem, short of selling off our cameras and buying something else. Based on the track record, I anticipate this is the last Canon I'll buy, after a run of some 20 years using their gear.


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