OptioX : How does it compare to the 750Z?

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Re: Performance

Roland Mabo wrote:

RiceHigh wrote:

The AF of the 750z is very fast and the LCD displays the image
realtime during focusing and thus one can see how fast and decisive
it focuses. I felt that the 750z is faster than the s70 in this
regard. For the shutter lag, I tried quite a number of shots and
see when the flash light is activated after focus has been made and
I have half-pressed the shutter release button and held the button.
Dpreview's S70 test tested some of those delay time figures but I
think the delay of the S70 will be longer under some situations. At
least, I would say it is quite noticable.

Was this "shop-test" of the Optio 750z with the old firmware or the
latest (with updated AF performance)?

I think it is probably with old firmware as it is a demo unit at the shop.

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