Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?


I look at situation from a somewhat different perspective. First, it sounds like sometimes we're trying to do professional work with what are clearly amatuer products. We can't expect a G1 to do all the things that an A2E or EOS3 will do. The G1 simply wasn't designed as a professional use camera. It is a consumer, amatuer digital camera.

As to Canon's manual, I have not looked at it, and this really isn't a valid defense for Canon, but sometimes in the translation from Japanese to English things get muddled. I doubt that Canon purposely intended to confuse the issue as to whether a third party flash would or could work with the G1. It simply creates too much work and ill will for them to do so.

As a dealer, when we were presented the camera it was noted that the camera would work with the EX series of flashes just like the current crop of SLR's. The point being that a Canon SLR user could buy a Canon digital camera and have the advantage of using a Canon flash they already owned, without buying an expensive bracket like the Nikon 990.

Yes, it would be nice if you could use a Vivitar 283 or other third party MANUAL flash, but Canon or any other manufacturer can't make everything backwards compatible.The differences in trigger voltages alone could drive someone nuts. Also by using a 283 if you drag the firing pin across the smaller information pins on the G1 (or any other camera) you run the risk of introducing voltage into the circuits and potentially damaging the camera. Any flash not specifically designed for a particular camera should be put on and taken off with the flash turned off and fully discharged.
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