Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

Started May 15, 2001 | Discussions thread
Dave Lewis Forum Pro • Posts: 10,425
Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

Michael W. wrote:

See my other response...

I'm not expecting Canon product to work with all other 3-rd party
flashes out there, but if it is advertised to work with generic
industry-standard equipment then it should work most, or at least
some, of the time. But when it doesn't work with ANYTHING OUT
THERE, don't you think that claiming that it does in the user
manual is just flatly misleading?


Honestly Michael, it does work with many different models to trigger the flash at full power, which is probably all you can expect of a generic hot shoe arrangement. I'm sure that was the intent of Canon's claims. There are a couple web sites devoted to determining which flash units have trigger voltages compatible with the Canon hot shoe. If I remember right there were nearly a dozen different models that were judged to be usable.

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