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I guess its just a matter of adapting to whichever lens you get.Once you have a fixed focal length stuck on the camera you have no option but to adapt to it and find ways to best use it.The good thing about the 135 is that you can take a portrait from several metres away, which may allow the subject to relax a bit more. On a coolpix camera ive set it to 105mm (35mm equivalency) and that also seems to be a good focal length.

Dennis wrote:

svensven wrote:

A few people were close. Santoguapo almost got it. Dennis was
online with his trian of thought. The lens used was the 135 f2.8 at
f2.8 or mabe 3.5. The out of focus areas on the first pic looked
smooth because i was close to the subject. The bokeh on this len is
ok, but the thing that amazes me is the color and contrast. And its
definately sharp. Just wanted to let a few more people be aware of
this lens since it really amazes me.

I've always known that circular aperture is only a minor factor in
bokeh, and really only impacts OOF highlights; not smooth areas
like in these photos. But I've still just had a "thing" against
lenses w/o circular apertures. Granted, on those images with a
highlight that shows the shape of the aperture, circular is
generally less obtrusive, but these images go to show that
Minolta's been doing bokeh well long before they started restyling
their lenses. I've been thinking of picking up a 135 because I've
been shooting 200mm with film quite a bit and that would give me
the same FOV. But my 100mm macro will give me a 150mm FOV,
something I haven't really had an opportunity to mess around with;
the 200mm gives me a 300mm FOV, so I'm planning to try those out
first & see how well I live with current lenses before filling in

Its probably not so popular because it doesnt focus fast and doesnt
have a circular aperature but If any other minolta lenses are
anything like this one,they must be brilliant.

Also, until the 1.5X sensor crop, it just seems to be an unpopular
focal length ! Some people do portrait photography with a 135, but
"common wisdom" says 85-100mm is more appropriate ... and zooms are
all the rage. A number of 135s were on eBay a month or so ago, but
they already seem to be scarcer. The 200G was a "bargain" at used
prices of around $500 ... with the 7D, the 135/2.8 serves the same
purpose for an even better price !

  • Dennis

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