The Sigma 18-125mm is impressing me

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Me three

Searching wrote:

Homl wrote:

Who said the 18-55 is poor? I don't think it is poor. In fact it it
pretty darn good.
Don't take my word for it. Check out Phil's DRebel review where he
compare it again two top notch lenses, 28-70Lf2.8 and the 50f1.4.

Have a look at his 18-55 sample photos with the DRebel and the 20D.

OK, so it's not brilliant, but it's small, light, and cheap. I think I'll keep it around even after I've bought my dream wide-angle lens (provided, of course, I ever get to decide which it is...).

SchnellerGT wrote:

Homl wrote:
Image quality is very similar. You just get the extra 56 to 125, so
it is more handy as an all-in-one walk around lens.

fcchambers wrote:

I can find lotsa folks comparing the Sigma 18-125 to lots of
different Canon glass, I haven't seen anyone compare it to the
18-55... If I'm happy (forgive me) with the 18-55, will I be
satisfied with the quality of the Sigma 18-125?

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