Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

It is stated pretty clearly that even with Canon's non-TTL flashes that they will go off at full strength. Why should anything be different for 3rd party flashes?

Michael W. wrote:
See my other response...

I'm not expecting Canon product to work with all other 3-rd party
flashes out there, but if it is advertised to work with generic
industry-standard equipment then it should work most, or at least
some, of the time. But when it doesn't work with ANYTHING OUT
THERE, don't you think that claiming that it does in the user
manual is just flatly misleading?


Dave Lewis wrote:

Canon only designs,tests and manufactures accessories for our
products. It is therefore up to other manufacturers to meet our
standards and abilities.

Thank you for your inquiry

Canon USA

That sounds like a pretty sensible response to me. How would anyone
expect a camera company to make its cameras compatible with the
myriad of flash units available out there. They have a fine series
of flash units they market and the camera works wonderfully with
them. They have addressed one exposure problem with those flash
units in a recent firmware up grade. Honestly, if a flash
manufacturer wants to address the Canon market, it can come with a
unit that is compatible with Canons. What response could the Canon
company have had in this regard. Canon is an industry leader.
Should they design their products to work with the followers or
should it be the other way around. Backward compatibility has
always slowed progress and always will.

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