Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

Guys, wake up, comparing Canon's issue with the use of proprietary technology by other manufacturers has no ground whatsoever. While Nikon, Sony, Olympus and others offer proprietary external flash synch only, they TELL ME THE TRUTH UP FRONT, allowing me to make an informed decision.

The fact that Canon even demonstrate the G1 with a non-Canon flash at a trade show and mention the use of third-party flashes in the user manual, they are obligated to support it to some degree. I know it's not reasonable to expect that the G1 work well with every 3rd party flash, but the fact is IT DOESN'T WORK WITH ANY. I've yet to hear a single person reporting that his/her G1 works well with any 3rd party flash. Some may not care, but the standard hotshoe was the reason why I went with the G1, and I do feel that Canon should at least take efforts to support the features it advertised.

Bringing this issue to Vivitar or Sunpak would not make any sense. Their current products work very well with just about any other camera that has an industry-standard hot shoe. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to choose matching products that work together, but the G1 works with NO manual flash other than the 550EX, which is nearly as expensive as the camera itself.

If you buy a Windows software that screw up on 99% of all Windows computers, would you expect the software vendor to fix their bugs or do you think that it's ethical or even legal for them deny supporting "3-rd party" computers? Would you bring the problem to Intel or Microsoft instead?

Michael W.

Michael W. wrote:

Below is an inquiry I sent to Canon and their reply. Quite frankly
I’m very disappointed in Canon’s attitude. Isn’t
it consumer’s right to expect that their product is to work
properly with “industry-standard” accessories unless
otherwise stated? Please voice your opinion.

Your inquiry as follows: *****
Flash with non-Canon flash is over exposed as if aperture is full
open at 2.0, regardless what the actual aperture setting is.
Flashes used: Vititar 283, Sunpak 383. Can this problem corrected
by sending in, or is Cannon planning to issue a fix via firmware?
Canon response as follows: ******
Dear Michael

Canon only designs,tests and manufactures accessories for our
products. It is therefore up to other manufacturers to meet our
standards and abilities.

Thank you for your inquiry

Canon USA

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