20D "everyday" lens: 4 contenders

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20D "everyday" lens: 4 contenders

I favor a lens with a FF equivalent range of about 35-85mm, which translates into 21-53mm for the 20D crop factor. this leads me to a list of 4 contenders:

Canon 17-40
Canon 17-85
Sigma 18-125
Sigma 18-50

(obviously 2 of the lenses are much longer than my proposed range, but if the lenses are good, then that's a bonus). 24 and 28mm zooms are not wide enough for me.

my criteria are:
sharpness wide open
sharpness at focal length extremes
color and contrast
cost is not, for this comparison, a criteria (criterium?)

i assume all the lenses will perform well at f/8 at their mid-zoom ranges. i'm more concerned about their performances at their limits, especially since i often like wide apertures and extreme focal lengths.

i'm sure the 17-40 is the overall winner, but the other lenses offer longer range, wider aperture, or both. also a longer zoom may obviate the need for a second, longer lens when traveling light. if one of the other lenses can come close to the 17-40, i would consider it.

from what i've read so far, i'd rank them this way:


comments? retorts?

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