Asahi Pentax SMC Takumar 500mm f4.5 M42. Anyone used one?

Started Nov 1, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Asahi Pentax SMC Takumar 500mm f4.5 M42. Anyone used one?


Couldn't find much info about this lens, so I finally had to join the forum and ask! I've resisted for so long too!

I've seen this lens for auction on eBay. I'm considering buying it for use on Eos. I thought I'd have a better chance of getting an opinion on the quality of this lens over here in the Pentax forum. from what little info I can find, it sounds like they're pretty good. I've previously used a couple of 50mm Takumars (f1.4 SMC and f4 macro) which were very nice.

Has anyone used the 500mm Tak?

Please could you tell me your opinions?

On my 20d it would become a 900mm f4.5 - sounds good to me! 8-)

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Zoom Creep

If it's not relevant, please show some self control! If you can't control yourself and stick to the topic, or have nothing better to do, try starting your own irrelevant nonsense thread!

Funniest question I've seen so far imho: Why can't I use an 'inverse teleconverter' behind my 8mm fish eye lens to get a circlular image on my Drebel sensor? ....DOH!

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