PowerShot G6 vs Cyber-shot DSC-V3 shootout posted on DC Resource

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Re: what if g6 at iso 100 at dcresource?

Well from what I hear, the Iso50 in the Canon is really closer to Iso80 in other cams.

hi wrote:
think the difference between sony v3 and g6 would be even smaller....

hopspar wrote:

According to the specs the Sony doesn't have ISO 50, 100 is as low
as it goes. That is not Canon's fault.

That said, the second set of images from the Sony look much better.
However, I think that P mode doesn't appear to be to very useful on
the V3. That doesn't make it a bad camera, just worth noting that
when P mode picked the f-stop the pictures were horrible.

By the way, I have felt that some people in this forum are a bit
over the top. However, compared to the Sony forum--people here
appear to be pretty rational. :o


hi wrote:

Jeff Keller"
Subject: Re: DCRP Special: Canon PowerShot G6 vs Sony Cyber-shot
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 22:01:07 -0700

It's Canon's fault, they don't put the ISO in the EXIF data. The G6
shoots at ISO 50.

probably that explain why canon g6 is cleaner than sony v3

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