PS 6.0 is it meeting your expectations?

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Re: PS 6.0 is it meeting your expectations?

Joon wrote:

Jim Muehlheim wrote:

Only real
complaint: Having that extra toolbar at the top of the monitor. I
wouldn't mind it but I've only got a 17" monitor at home and I like
to see as much as possible! Maybe they should have a "hide" option
like the Dock has in OSX. I don't have the desk space for a second
monitor... I'll live with it.

Jim, did you try assigning an fkey to an action that toggles the
options bar? Worked for me. I don’t feel I need it as much now
since I’m using a duel monitor setup with my titanium. I used to
work on a 15’ screen on my iMac so it was more handy then.


Good call- I didn't know you could do that! I'll give it a shot.
Thanks Joon!

i'm using 6 everyday and it is a gem of an upgrade w/ many little improvements to make life easy - i never like upgrading and learning everything new wastes time - but this upgrade was well worth it - it keeps getting better! ...for me

Just make sure you select the menu item from the actions palette
named "insert menu..." while it's in record mode. From there,
select the options tool bar from the main menu. You can't record it


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