Out of camera DPI

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Out of camera DPI

It has been quite awhile since I was active here on this board, I forgot how much I missed it

I have been so busy on another forum learning and finding my "style" that I finally realized I need to learn my camera first. When I am not thinking about my camera, settings and exposures then I can work on my "style" in taking images.

So I have a question on my lovely S2

When shooting at fine 3024 I upload my images through my card reader. Out of camera images are at 72 dpi. Now most (okay all) my images are edited in PS CS so when I crop it is set to crop at 300 dpi. So my final image is at 300 dpi.

Is there a way to get my images to come from my S2 at 300 dpi or anything higher than 72?

I read my manual, had someone else read my manual, even when through the Thom Hogan CD, either I am missing it or it just isn't there.

And and am I loosing photo quality by bumping up the dpi with my crops?

I have not yet printed anything large from my camera so I am not sure if blowing up an image would have it appear pixelized.
froggee (aka Wendy)

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