Replaced my 20d LCD Window today

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Replaced my 20d LCD Window today

I replaced the rear LCD window on my 20d today (long story, but basically I had nicked it).

Did you know that the LCD is a Sony? Directly under the "Canon" on the LCD screen, is the Sony logo.

I used a suction cup as shown in the following picture:

This suction cup was off the Belkin Battery Pak for the iPod but I'm sure any suction cup that is smaller than the window would probably work fine. It took some elbow grease, but I was able pop the old window off with not too much problem.

Here is a picture of the back of the old window:

You can see the sticky gasket around it. The new LCD window comes with the sticky gasket attached and you just push it into place to install it. This is a very good design. Easy to replace if needed, and keeps dust from entering in. Kudos to Canon there.

I used a blower bulb (don't use canned air) to blow off any dust on the LCD screen before pushing the new window into place. I also blowed off the underside of the window.

It was fairly easy, however I take no responsibility, use caution and if you are not comfortable doing something like this, than please send it to Canon.

In all, I don't think you need a screen protector or anything since the Canon plastic window is quite scratch resistant and sturdy. You don't have to worry about it. But should something happen to it, you can just pop in a new one with relative ease.

The Canon part # for the 20d rear screen window:

Part # for 10d rear screen window:

They are about US$7.00 + shipping and can be ordered from Canon Parts. Their phone is:


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