sharpness test: 20D vs 10D, somewhat detailed

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Image quality very similar

I've done many comparative tests with my 300D. Here are my conclusions:

image quality is very similar, the 20D has a more conservative approach with colors and contrast curves and this gives an impression of higher sharpness in 300D images; rised contrast (and a little bit saturation) on 20D image, the photos were identical.

This applies also at dynamic range; 20D images seem to have a better dynamic range but once equalized in ps the dynamic range becomes similar to this of the 300D.

One thing that I noticed was that 20D hilights retain more detail adjusting levels than with the 300D, but taking avantage of this means to utilize blending techniques to the photo and doesn't gives an immediate advantage in image quality. With the 300D in raw I can do the same.

At first I was somewhat disappointed by these results, but 300D/10D image quality is very high then there are many others advantages also quality wise with the 20D very important like the lower noise and the possibility of a wider range of adjustments in ps.

I also noticed that using F4 for a sharpness test can give wrong resuls because maybe this is not the sweet spot of the lens.

A more precise test os cameras sharpness would require a very sharp prime at its sweet spot.

I only wanted to compare the two cameras with my more used lens (24-70 2.8L) and I choosed F9 to be sure with the lens.



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