35 f2 or 45 2.8 P?

Started Oct 22, 2004 | Discussions thread
OP Akira Yamaguchi Regular Member • Posts: 360
Bought the 35 f2 and Tokina 17 atx pro

Bought the 35 f2. So far so good. Makes great bokeh and not as long as the 50 1.8 which suits better for my style of photography. I also got a Tokina 17mm atx pro which is excellent! The built is better than the nikon lens that I have . It is heavy but short and really looks great on the D70. Reminds me of my old 20mm 2.8 nikkor. Will post some pictures soon!

Paul W Crouse wrote:
I have both lenses, but to be honest, I haven't used the 35 on my
D70. It is my standard lens on my film cameras (F90 and FM2T).

On a digital camera, the 35 is more like a 50mm with a film camera
-- and I personally don't really like that focal length -- not long
enough or not wide enough. But the lens is super sharp and fast on
a film cameras.

As for the 45mm, it's strongest suit is that it's small. It is
great for carrying around a small kit. It is also very sharp. Like
the 35, it is not my favorite focal length on a D70, but the size
somewhat makes up for it.

All other things being equal, the strengths of each are: the 35 has
f2 and the 45 is really small.

I hope that helps.


Akira Yamaguchi wrote:

35 f2 or 45 2.8 P?

I'm deciding on getting one of these 2 lens but can't make up my
mind. The 35 f2 seems to be a good choice since I am quite fond of
50mm focal length when I used to shoot with film. However, I miss
the manual focusing expereince with my AIS lens and too bad it
can't meter in my D70. The only choice will be the 45 2.8 since
this is the only manual lens that works on the D70 . Is anyone
using these lens on your D70? Can you share your experience?

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