PC vs. Mac A dangerous question?

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Re: Hmm, the Mac really HAS come a long way

Thunder -

Agreed. This is a very exciting time for Mac users. Those of us running OS X (I use it as my primary OS on my G4 Powerbook) are watching it get faster and better with each update (Apple has been making available, at roughly 2-week intervals, downloadable updates via its automated sw delivery system). By this summer, when OS X is scheduled to be shipping preinstalled on all Macs, it should be have all major components in place.

Macromedia has just shipped an OS X version of Freehand, and the big Adobe products should see the light by the summer (there's already an Acrobat reader). Office is on it's way too. Not to mention tons of free/shareware apps flooding the market (thanks to the ease of development).


Thunder wrote:

thanks for setting me straight. i will admit to being well behind
the power curve on macs. last i knew, they were trying to get by
with ATI chips while the rest of the world rocked on TNT2's,
running much higher pixel rates.

i must admit, Apple HAS done a good job with OSX. Their hardware
has always been first-rate in terms of build quality, but i think
much of the world has progressed past some of the more "dumbed
down" features of the mac like single button mice.

so, unless the original poster wants to fiddle around with his own
hardware (like buying motherboards, athlons, etc) he could do a lot
worse than a G4 with OSX.

if all the 3rd-party vendors get their apps ported over to OSX,
then Apple will have pulled off something that nobody else has YET
to accomplish: bring powerful applications to the consumer desktop,
at consumer prices, running on a solid UNIX foundation. that's
really a great thing. i hope OS-X sells 10 million macs. all it
will do is force Microsoft to improve their stuff to keep pace.

competition is a good thing. thanks again for bringing me
up-to-date on the macs. Once the paint dries on OSX, i may just go
ahead and buy myself a G4.

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