Wide angle attachment lens for LC1/D2

Started Oct 20, 2004 | Discussions thread
OP Hawkeye34 Junior Member • Posts: 31
Re: Wide angle attachment lens for LC1/D2

David Haynes wrote:

As for me I'll continue to use my D2 in hand-held candid situations
and DSLRs with appropriate lenses for extreme wide-ange work.

Hi David,

I am entirely in agreement with you. The LC1 is great at what it does well. We should leave it at that, and not try to have it as "all things to all men". One add-on leads to another, and a look in the old pre-WW2 Leica catalogues can show us where that takes us - well into terrtory now better covered by other camera types and systems.

The LC1, to me, is now my main "take everywhere" camera, and even though it is bulkier than a P&S, it gets such great images that I don't want to spoil it with any attachments, especially if it throws the camera out of balance.

I will still be interested to hear from anyone who eventually buys and uses this attachment.


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