Auto focus Confirmation with M and A lenses on *istD?

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Re: Auto focus Confirmation with M and A lenses on *istD?


If you are shooting with manual lenses, put the camera in MF (manual focus) AF.C mode or and the camera will allow you to shoot regardless subject focus. As you say, the camera will also light up the focus LED when the subject is in focus and will beep also (you can turn the beep off through the menu if you like) You cannot disable the "shoot regardless of subject focus" unless you are in MF or AF.C on the focus switch.

When shooting with AF lenses the same applies as above, but the camera will attempt to focus the lens if it is in AF.C mode. So, essentially, the AF.S mode on the focus switch stops you from shooting unless the subject appears to be in focus according to the camera. For all other situations use either of the AF.C or MF mode on the focus switch.

mark dimo wrote:
when i use my old 15 yr old SMC A lenses focus confirmation light
will light up when the intended subjects are in focus. it helps if
your eyes are going bad. one thing i havent been able to disable
is that the shutter will not release if the image is not in focus.
or if the camera has not confirmed it to be in focus. When
shooting manual for sports i missed a few money shots because
although my intended subject was in focus, the cameras brain felt
otherwise and didnt allow me to release the shutter, darn. Im
trying to read if there is a Custom function setting that will
allow me to release while focus confirmation is not met. kinda
like how you can allow the camera to fire regardless of flash ready

help, doen anyone know how to release the shutter without


FranchiseJuan wrote:

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I did a search and can't
seem to get any information on this... Do I get auto focus
confirmation with M and A lenses on the *istD. By this I man with
my auto focus lenses, when one of the focus points is in focus
(when manually focusing), then the red dot lights up to tell me so,
and I take the shot, but with my screw mount lenses, I cannot do
this, and so have to use Hyper manual focasing.

So do I get auto focus confirmation with M and A lenses on the *istD?

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