Canon 17-85mm IS "glides" into focus?

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Re: glad that u got the new lens waitting to see sample ;) thanks

I'll try to post some samples later this weekend but my initial thoughts...

My Sigma is sharper when both lenses are at 17mm/18mm and wide open (4.0). My Canon is sharper at 50mm and 85mm.

My Sigma seems to underexpose compared to my Canon. It's more noticable at 50mm and 85mm.

My Canon focus seems slightly quicker (i.e., it snaps into focus faster than the Sigma), though it may just be that the Sigma is louder so its seems slower than the Canon. Both are fine for my needs.

After using the new Canon for just a short while, it seems very similar in response and quality to my former 28-135mm. I find the focal range of 17-85mm (or the Sigma's 18-125mm) more useful, especially if coupled with a 70-200mm, which is why I sold the 28-135mm.

I'm undecided, however, between the new Canon and the Sigma. I'm not thrilled that my Canon seems softer at 17mm, but I need to take a closer look at why it's happening. My Canon has better exposure than my Sigma, and the IS is welcome. I'm also more confident in the Canon's focus.

On the other hand, the extra focal range of the Sigma is nice, and it's quite a bit cheaper. At this point, I'm not sure that the Canon is worth the extra $350 or so.

evan wrote:

GtoJon wrote:
I had my 28-35 for a year and was very happy with it. Now I am
very happy with my 17-85.

Yours is just plain bad....take it back ASAP!!


ichatpatrick wrote:

I just received a Canon 17-85mm IS today. I have a Sigma 18-125mm,
and recently sold a Canon 28-135mm IS, having used that lens for
about a year and a half.

In trying the new Canon today, it seems that the lens slowly
"glides" into focus, for lack of a better description. In trying
it side-by-side with the Sigma, the Sigma (which is no speed demon)
snaps into focus in situations where the Canon responds noticeably
more slowly. Although I sold the Canon 28-135mm well over a month
ago, I'm pretty certain that it responded much more quickly than
the new lens is. The new lens is functioning at the same slow
focus speed regardless of whether or not I have the IS turned on.

I'm assuming I just ended up getting a defective lens, but wanted
to see if anyone else had a similar experience before I go through
the hassle of exchanging it.


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GtoJon -
Taken any photographs lately?

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