High ISO 1DSMKII images here (IMGs)

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Robert P Miller
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High ISO 1DSMKII images here (IMGs)

Taken at the Photo Expo Plus in NYC. I asked if I could put in a CF card and take some images home to check out. No problem they said.

So within the constraints of the hall, lights, 28mm 1.8 Canon lens, etc, here are some straight from the camera.

The AWB seems great on this camera. It was being demonstrated at the Canon stage area. The photographer was trying to get a bad WB for a WB demo and had a hard time.
The files are quite large.
all shot: sRGB, Large JPG, Evaluative metering.......
No parameter adjustments.
A variety of shutter speeds.
A variety of apertures.
A variety of ISOs.

It was difficult not getting hit by people and the camera was tethered to the counter. I did what I could and was quite at home with the camera as I have a 1DMKII. Nice to have a real large VF. You 1DS folks know what I mean. My 1DSMKII is on order!

ISO 800

Exposure Time 1/80 sec
Aperture f/3.2
ISO Equivalent 800
Exposure Bias -1/3
White Balance (-1)
Original here:

ISO 3200

Exposure Time 1/80 sec
Aperture f/5.6
ISO Equivalent 3200
Original here:

ISO 1600

Exposure Time 1/80 sec
Aperture f/5.6
ISO Equivalent 1600
Original here:

ISO 1250

Focal Length 28 mm
Exposure Time 1/60 sec
Aperture f/5.6
ISO Equivalent 1250
Original here:

I tried a lower ISO, but the shutter was getting slow. I put it here just 'cause......
ISO 250

Exposure Time 1/13 sec
Aperture f/1.8
ISO Equivalent 250
Original here:

I actually shot two RAW plus JPGs, but have no RAW converter for these files yet, so shot most as JPGs only. If anyone wants the RAW files, email me.

Hope fully these are helpful as we are all wondering about high ISOs and noise. Not a real test, but some files for fodder.

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