*ist DS advertised for AUS$1,232 inc GST Body Only

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Re: Also packaged with Sigma 18-125

Thanks for the info, Brett. The sigma package was exactly what I was looking for. Depending on their availability of the camera - or if they expect to receive it soon, I might very well purchase the package from them tonight


Brett St Pierre wrote:

Care4T wrote:


Appreciate your heads-up. Do you know if this store is any
reliable? Also, when is the official release date for the US? Is
it 5-Nov or 20-Nov?


Yes, I have used http://www.centre.net.au many times. Got my wife's Optio
from there a while ago. With latest releases there prices are very
good but low volume (like the 77 Limited lens is much too high. If
you are buying outside Australia you get the Duty Free price of

Body only: AU$1,120 = US$830 = € 660

Also is packaged with Sigma 18-125 (if that is OK for you):
AU$1,392 = US$1,030 = € 820

Very good buying in my opinion. A long way from what I paid for my
*istD in January

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