Canon's director of imaging thoughts

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Canon's director of imaging thoughts

This appeared in this months Photography Monthly (UK), and is part of an interview with Tomonri Iwashita, Canon's Director of imaging.
My apologies if it has been posted previously.

Has the last year been a successful one for canon
Yes it has been a good year in all areas.

What is canon’s market share in terms of digital cameras?
18-19% of the world market

How does this translate to digital SLR’s
We have 60% of the digital SLR market. In 2003 we sold around 600,000 units.

Which models have proved most popular
70% 300D, 25% 10D

How do sales of digital SLR’s compare to film SLR’s
2/3rd digital, 1/3rd film

What trends has Canon noticed

The growth of the digital sector has been faster than anticipated. Also the vast majority of professionals have switched to digital or will do very soon.

What is canon considering for it’s next generation of cameras

WE cannot obviously reveal information on models, I can say that increased resolution and larger files, storage issues must be considered. While pixel count springs to mind when looking at image resolution, we also consider other factors to overall image quality , such as noise levels and ISO speeds, as well as things like processing time, lower power consumption and possibly sensor cleaning.

Will canon be part of Adobes aim to create an industry standard RAW format.
We do not see canon becoming involved.


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