Who needs Mirror on SLR ?

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Who needs Mirror on SLR ?

Digital SLR with a mirrow viewfinder shows the photo on the tiny LCD monitor AFTER the shot but digital compact and video cameras show the photo BEFORE the shot, why ?

Mirror SLR was a great invention when Kodak introduced Exakta at 1936. However, nowadays a mirror is an old relic. Camera producers should replace the mechanical mirror and shutter with a large and high quality LCD monitor because:

1. This makes camera much smaller and lighter (Sony DSC-T3).

2. Good LCD shows exactly what you will get, the mirror shows something else which actually can be seen with the eyes.

3. LCD eliminates the camera noise and vibration problems. Noise freezes the peoples and scares away timid animals.
4. LCD enables much faster shutter and flash synchro speeds.

5. LCD is much more flexible to use than a mirror viewfinder. You do not need to put your eye and head on the same place as the camera.
6. Much lower production costs -> more profits or cheaper cameras ?

Why lens exchange option is available only for mirror SLR cameras ? Imagine the possibility to change lenses of Nikon Coolpix 8800, Canon Powershot Pro 1, Olympus Camedia C-8080, etc. This would make these cameras much more versatile tools for all kind of work.

The replacement of mechanical mirror, pentaprism and shutter with the LCD would make Canon EOS 20D, Nikon D70, etc. much smaller and lighter as well as it would improve their flexibility.

Of course the "Click" sound menu option would also be nice to have because many old photographers love this traditional sound.

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