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beautiful shell

hi all

sorry, hehe... welcome to the town of shell, wyoming population: fifty

in my last thread "fall in wyoming", liz lee had asked if i had gone shooting around the shell area. i've driven through it two or three times on my way through the bighorn mountains, but never really spent much time there. she also mentioned shell falls, which i hadn't heard of before. so, over the weekend, i had to investigate... despite some lousy weather.

while waiting for the rain to stop, i had to entertain myself.

trying to take a picture of your own eye, handheld with two 250D closeup lenses and using the rearview mirror to see what's going on in the camera's LCD... it kept me busy for a good 15 minutes, lol.

not sure what to think of or do with this image, but next time i'll be sure to bring some visene.

still raining, i remembered passing a recently discovered "dinosaur track site" before heading up the mountains. i've never seen a dinosaur track before and thought i'd go check it out. i was expecting some serious tracks the size of my car. but no, these 167 million year old "theropod" tracks were in fact smaller than my foot, lol.

dinosaur or pre-historic chicken, i was in awe at the age of these prints and what once walked here.

by this time, the sky was beginning to lighten up. i headed back through shell and stopped near the base of the mountains to capture some smooth water flowing along shell creek.

i suspect most of you won't agree with this selective (channel) desaturation... but i kind of like it

and a bit further up the mountain, the view from above

climbing down for a closer look

and then, on to the falls. almost there, i ran into a sign reading "FALLS CLOSED". huh? how the heck do you close a waterfall? did it break? is the water on back-order? i parked along the road and walked past their little makeshift gate, happy to see they still had some water left.

i would have liked to scoot a bit further to the right, but this was as far as i could go on the walkway. there may be a different approach to get a better shot, and i'm hoping to shoot the falls under some better light next time... weather permitting, i'll head back there next weekend

but for now, it was time to go home

sorry, bit of a long one... thanks a lot for taking the time to look! and thanks so much, liz, for getting me back there


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