Beware 17-85 EFS Lens

Started Oct 15, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Not just image quality!

How good is the 17-35 XR DI at 85mm? and how good is it hand held at 15th/sec?

Its the 'IS' thats expensive! if you don't need it don't buy it.

Muzz wrote:
All I know is I recently purchased a 20D & I'm happy with the
camera, however my old Nikon kit with a 17-35 Tamron XR DI lens
eats the 17-85 for edge sharpness & ca.

I have bothered to convert to lab & get rid of the ca, however
there is still the issue of edge softness.

The 17-85 sells for around $1,000 dollars in Australia and I think
it's not acceptable to have these issues even when stopped down
past f11-f16 at this sort of price point when much cheaper lenses
out perform it.

Sure a creative shot doesn't have to be sharp, but that doesn't
excuse a lens with problems.


hyslopc wrote:

Just shoot in RAW mode, convert with ACR, and use the CA sliders to
get rid of it. It adds a couple of minutes to your workflow, but
for non-pros like me that's really not a problem.

I have this lens and love it. Sure, it doesn't come anywhere
close to the performance of my 24-70, which I'm keeping, but it's
the only option for wide-angle shots where you need IS (eg handheld
inside churches) and is a fantastic walk-around / vacation lens.

I just got back from vacation, and found the combo of 17-85 +
70-200 to be fantastic for my purposes.

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