simple firmware wish for 20d

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Re: The much better way is...

I think this is a wished for item, not a reality.


Exphose wrote:
never heard this before, link to utility?

Ioues wrote:
Canon provides a utility program which can be user-configured to
generate a firmware-like file for reading by 20D. All camera
settings can be tuned in the utility program according to different
user's taste. i.e. 1/3 stop ISO setting, Max 2 fps for quieter
shutter, etc.

Juggler wrote:
He is the 300d hero, who unlocked many functions and improved the
interface (you can delete files with 'delete'-'set', very
intelligent mirror lock-up sequence etc. I am sure he can 'fix'
some interface problems :)))

Tephra wrote:

hi all,

i wish you could double tap the erase button to delete a photo -
rather than having to use the rotary selector to move to erase then
hit set!

can canon do this for us??


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