Problem with Sandisk Ultra II 1GB Card & 20D

Started Oct 1, 2004 | Discussions thread
Evan_11 Forum Member • Posts: 55
Re: I use the same card and don't have Err CF

Hey Brian,

I have the same setup and get the Err CF message as well. Have you solved your problem?

Brian Ellis wrote:
I've seen all the glowing reviews of this card & camera
combination. That's one of the reasons I bought the Ultra II card.
Has anyone else experienced a problem similar to mine?

Brian Ellis wrote:

I haven't heard back from Sandisk on this problem - has anyone else
experienced this? Any ideas? Maybe the new firmware will help.

My card reader reads and writes to the card just fine, but my new
Canon 20D camera gives me a "Err CF" condition with this card. It
won't even let me format the card.

I've used a Lexar 40X card in the camera and card reader without
any problems.

My friend brought his Nikon D70 over and the card works fine in his

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