20D better than 300D for concert photography?

Started Oct 17, 2004 | Discussions thread
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ST-E2 will help focus


Its intended as a flash remote control but also works as a compact infra-red focusing aid.

haydnw wrote:


I have a 300D at the moment, which I am using for live music
photography. I don't mean big arenas with plenty of light, I'm
talking about 'intimate' rock venues: hot, sweaty, noisy and dark.
I like to shoot with available light so that means cranking ISO way
up and using fast glass. I am currently using the Canon 50mm f1.8
and Sigma 24mm f1.8.

The 300D has let me capture some fantastic images (ie I love them,
although they may not be technically correct! ) but I find it
is limiting me in a couple of areas.

1) Buffer. If I'm at a gig where you can only shoot for the first
three songs, I really struggle because I spend half the time
waiting for the buffer to clear. I shoot RAW.

2) Focus. The two lenses I have seem to manage OK at the moment but
a fair proportion of my shots are out of focus. OK, this is rock
music and people are by no means standing still, and I know I have
low DOF, and low light, but even so...

So my question is: would the 20D serve me better? Obviously with
the bigger, faster buffer I could shoot more shots at each gig,
which is always a bonus! And I'm guessing the low-light focussing
on the 20D would be better, plus I could crank ISO up to 3200 and
still have equivalent noise to 1600 on the 300D. Could someone
confirm this please, partly because I need to convince myself and
partly because I need to convince my girlfriend to get clearance to
spend the money! Thanks.

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