20D better than 300D for concert photography?

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Re: 20D better than 300D for concert photography?

The larger buffer is there.

The camera focuses better in low light than the 300D with faster glasses, but still some hunting remain, it' very difficult to have it not to focus at all as the 300D does sometimes; if the light is too dim, no focus lock also for the 20D.

The noise at 3200 iso is still somewhat high for a good use, but I find it equivalent to the 1600 of the 300D and also less difficult to denoise.

I'm owner of both cameras, the 300D will be sold very soon.


haydnw wrote:


I have a 300D at the moment, which I am using for live music
photography. I don't mean big arenas with plenty of light, I'm
talking about 'intimate' rock venues: hot, sweaty, noisy and dark.
I like to shoot with available light so that means cranking ISO way
up and using fast glass. I am currently using the Canon 50mm f1.8
and Sigma 24mm f1.8.

The 300D has let me capture some fantastic images (ie I love them,
although they may not be technically correct! ) but I find it
is limiting me in a couple of areas.

1) Buffer. If I'm at a gig where you can only shoot for the first
three songs, I really struggle because I spend half the time
waiting for the buffer to clear. I shoot RAW.

2) Focus. The two lenses I have seem to manage OK at the moment but
a fair proportion of my shots are out of focus. OK, this is rock
music and people are by no means standing still, and I know I have
low DOF, and low light, but even so...

So my question is: would the 20D serve me better? Obviously with
the bigger, faster buffer I could shoot more shots at each gig,
which is always a bonus! And I'm guessing the low-light focussing
on the 20D would be better, plus I could crank ISO up to 3200 and
still have equivalent noise to 1600 on the 300D. Could someone
confirm this please, partly because I need to convince myself and
partly because I need to convince my girlfriend to get clearance to
spend the money! Thanks.

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