Switching to Canon - Lens help

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Switching to Canon - Lens help

After seeing the Nikon D2X announcement, I've finally decided to switch to Canon. The 1ds II looks like a marvelous platform, and I just think Canon's approach to sensors has greater potential going forward. With Nikon sticking to their 23x16 sensor, the Canon has over twice the area - as pixel densities get higher, I see Nikon running into the same problems the 2/3 and 1/1.8 sensors have today with 8Mpixels.

Anyhow, back to my question, please let me know what you think the best lenses are in these areas:

1. Low light prime, any focal length (museum/night shots)
2. Macro, any focal length (nature, coin collections, etc)
3. Wide Zoom for landscapes
4. Standard Zoom for indoor shots
5. Telephoto Zoom for sports


  • Does IS really work vs Nikon VR?

  • Is USM the Canon equivalent of Nikons "Silent Wave"?

  • What's "L-series"?


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