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Re: Promised is debt.... samples of my repaired camera

killian wrote:

brianj wrote:

It looks like it is working ok, the images are sharp right to the
edges. I am still not entirely sure on the default settings.

I am currently using:

I think if Pentax had made the defaults for contrast a half level
lower and saturation a half level higher then I would not have
needed to ever change them.


You're absolutly right Brian, the default saturation is not enough
and +1 is too much saturated. I always have to correct it with a
psp. Technically, do you think it's better to correct from 0 or
from +1 ?

Thats a very good question.

GordonBgood proposes that it is better to default to the underside for all these parameters as you will not blow out or overdrive this value beyond its maximum anywhere in the image. It can then be amplified appropriatly later in software.

I try to minimise post processing work, I would be happy if all images could come from the camera just as I wanted them, but I have never has a camera that can fully achieve this. So my defaults given in this thread are chosen to reduce later work, but as we agree, saturation is midway between two settings.

So I have been using saturation=HIGH, and in summer contrast=LOW and winter Contrast=NORMAL I have found that when cotrast=LOW, the saturation=HIGH is closer to correct.

It will be interesting to hear a more scientific answer to what is the best.


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