I bet 20D owners

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Greg Biggs
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Lighten up, it;s all in fun

Either have fun with what you rewad here, learn from it or if it just is not your kind of thing to get involved with, just ignore it. No harm intended really.

FretNoMore wrote:
...what other people think, where they come from, and what they need.

This kind of post is really silly. How about if people concentrated
on their own business and stopped worrying so much about what
others do? How insecure can you be?

planac wrote:

also change cars every year just to have the latest !! i am still
learning my 10D which will take me ages, every time i use it i feel
i get a little better. maybe another year and i wil get the 30D 12
meg when it is launched and i can justify the cost... in the
meantime i will build on my L glass and dump my sigma which i find
leaves me wanting more

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Canon 300D w/ Sigma DG Super Flash, Sigma 70-300mm,Canon 50mm 1.8 and Canon's Kit Lens

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