Imaging Experts Resign En Masse

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Some clarification

Forgive the copy and paste but here's the response about the reason the experts left on another site:

We got feed up with the XXXX of the guy running the site, making empty promises and hiding whenever a subscriber had very legitimate complaints. In April at the i3 Forum, all the experts sat down with Tony Cardinale and gave him a list of must do's and he blew us off again. So we bailed in mass last week. Too bad, it was a nice idea and we had a great community of subscribers but in the end, the experts were in no control over the site whatsoever. We all finally agreed we could not allow our names to be dragged into the mud any further. Leaving was a very difficult decision because we all felt an obligation to the subscribers but since the site was continuing to go down hill and Tony continued to make promises and sign up new members, we had to bail.

If all works out, we'll be back in another place that will not demand subscriptions but it's too early to say anything more.

We have demanded our names be pulled from the site but apparently they are still in the HTLM so search engines still find it (typical of the M.O. of the fellow running the site).

As for the term expert, it was designed by the person who made up the site. I guess it's better then guru .

The team included Bruce Fraser who's been using Photoshop before it was called Photoshop. He's written a few books on the subject. There was Martin Evening, a photographer who's also been pushing pixels and writing about the subject for years. His book Photoshop for Photographers may come to mind. There was John Paul Caponigro who falls into the same camp as above. A guy name Mac Holbert started Nash Editions with Graham Nash in the early 90's and is known as the premier fine art digital printer in the world. You may not agree but the guy knows printing. Jeff Schewe has been an Alpha tester for Photoshop (as well as a shooter) for a very long time. There are others in the list. Experts? Legends in their own minds? I'm not about to say that's nonsense. You believe what you want about the collected talent. Just be careful not to upset the Pixel Mafia...

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