AF Teleconverter 1.7X on *ist D

Started Oct 14, 2004 | Discussions thread
Roland Mabo Forum Pro • Posts: 12,462
Re: Yes it exists

Anastigmat wrote:

Yes it exists. The teleconverter has a lens group that is coupled
to the AF linkage of the camera. When the AF system moves the AF
linkage, the lens group in this Pentax 1.7 converter moves back and
forth to focus the manual focus lens mounted in front of it. The
range of movement is limited so focal range is also limited. But
you can extend the focusing range by turning the focus ring of the
manual focus lens. Yashica and Nikon make similar teleconverters
that allow AF with manual focus lenses. The Yashica and Nikon are
both 1.6x designs. The Yashica is especially interesting since it
allows Contax RTS mount lenses to work with Yashica AF mount lenses
even though the two mounts are different.

But didn't the Yashica AF system die years ago? I think the camera was called Yashica 280AF?

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