D70 to G4 wireless connection

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Re: Yeah!

dmora wrote:

That's cool in theory and for the gadget nerds, but IR technology
transfers data slower than a 56k modem if i remember correctly.

The "connection" here isn't data of a deeply complex sort. It merely says "shoot a picture now!"


Peter iNova wrote:

Manda wrote:

It's possible a wireless connection?

I don't know of the program plus hardware that would do it, but
there is nothing in logic or physics that says it can't be done.
Here's the backstory:

Harbortronics makes a DigiSnap D70. I have one. It shoots a pulsed
IR signal into the IR port on the front of the D70 to trigger the
camera the way the IR remote does. Small, simple, portable,
versatile and it works. I've shot several long time-lapse sequences
with it.

So you could conceivably create a piece of hardware that plugs into
ANY computer and blasts very bright IR signals in the correct
format into the camera on demand. Perhaps the folks at
Harbortronics are listening?

I think such a product would be very useful. Interval, light
control (through other gear) and exposure trigger could all be
coordinated from a single PC.


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