Iomega microdrive or I.B.M. microdrives

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Mark Rogers Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: Iomega microdrive or I.B.M. microdrives


Thanks for the post, great prices! I have been fretting over buying another 1G before my up coming trip. I found someone who could loan me a laptop but I am already caring too much, I would much rather just have a another tiny drive. Those prices are great, and even better is the fact that they sell the drive without the travel pack which I dont need since I already have one.


Kevin Perera wrote:
Here's where I bought mine (IBM Microdrive) Very pleased with it.

-Kevin Perera

dAVID wrote:

Hello, just wondering what is the diff. between the 1G micro drives
Iomega & IBM? and does anybody know what is the best selling price
on them?? or where can we shop for a real deaL

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