*istD Special Anniversary Edition - see it?

Started Oct 13, 2004 | Discussions thread
mpixel Veteran Member • Posts: 5,779
Re: *istD Special Anniversary Edition - see it?

Thanks for the info.

Another dream crushed.

FranchiseJuan wrote:
This is actually the version of the *istD that I have. That claim
by CR is utter BS. I even had to update the firmware before it
would work with screw mount lenses.

Just o clarify. all buttons on it are gold coloured, it has a 50
years in Australia lable on the back, and it has a special strap.
Not that different to any other *istD IMHO.

mpixel wrote:
CR Kenny claim that it has "all the features of the Pentax *ist
DS". Are we sure there are no updates to the firmware?

bigeyek wrote:


*ist D SE

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