G6, 300D, or D20 for me?

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Yeah, get the 85mm f/1.8... :-)

Hi, Max.

Heheh. I'm thinking of getting a 28 f/2.8 for my D70 myself for street photography. The D70 kit lens is nice enough, but I could use the extra stop at 28mm. Actually, I'm thinking about selling the kit lens for a bunch of primes and/or Sigma 15-30 EX in some sort of mixed combo. Sigma seems to have some nice, affordable, large aperture WA primes although I'm leaning toward the Nikkor 28 f/2.8 instead of Sigma 28 f/1.8 due to the size diff and probably better contrast.

Oops! Sorry for hijacking your thread, AJ.


Max@Home wrote:
Hi A.J. Dennis!

Congrats on a very sweet 20D setup! No reason it should disappoint
you, if you are willing to take the time to get the best out of all
of that goodies!

A.J. Dennis wrote:

  • Another question: I'm thinking of trying a teleconverter. Any

recommendation on a 1.4 vs. 2.0? I have the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
lens and would like to gain more range for soccer, Yankees games,
etc. Also, are there multiple manufacturers of Teleconverters? Any
specific manufacturer and model recommendations are appreciated. I
couldn't find one specifically tied or recommended for the 20D.

I use the 70-200 IS and both the 1.4x and 2.0x, I do not claim to
be the expert around here (wouldn't dare!!! ;-)), but as I have
been researching the same question, I will give you the most
general shared opinion on the TC's:

On the 70-200f2.8L the Canon 1.4x II works best (= gets best
optical results), and best way is to shoot -not- wide open, start
Av from 5.6 and you'll be a happy man/photog ;-))

The Canon 2.0x II is useable on the 70-200, but with greater loss
of optical quality and much slower AF, also again use one stop
slower than wide, making it a f.8 lens... which is pretty dark to
start with...

I use the 2.0x solely as it is my 'cheap' in-between solution
before I make my mind up on a dedicated longer tele, either zoom or
prime (300f4L-IS, 400F5.6L or 100-400L-IS, note that the 300f4L-IS
also takes the 1,4x while retaining more sharpness wide open than
the zoom), will probably sell/exchange the 2.0x for a 85f1.8 after
the dedicated tele ;-))

Other manufacturer's that produce converters are Kenko (the Pro
line is good value for money) and Sigma, the Sigma one's work best
with the Sigma lenses, not as good as with the Canon lenses.

BTW: all this can be found easily on the dedicated Canon DSLR Lens
forum, where I gathered all this info in the past ;-))

A birthday party this coming
weekend will be my first stab at shooting an indoor event with the
20D. Flash or no flash, that is the quesiton.

I very much like the way my forum-friend and fellow G3 shooter
Man has answered this: do both! Use flash for the 'formal' and
more 'posed' shots (the crowd around the birthdaycake, the
welcoming of guests, presenting/unwrapping of gifts etc.) and use
high-ISO and no-flash for candids.

Would be (and is) my approach exactly! ;-))

Just my €0.02 worth of advise...

Kindest regards,

Max@Home - Castricum - The Netherlands (see profile for equipment)

http://www.pbase.com/max_at_home (mind you, use underscores!)

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