Mourn with me - my D70 died today.

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Mike Wells Forum Member • Posts: 54
Mourn with me - my D70 died today.

I pulled my camera out of my bag today. When I turned it on, nothing happened. The top lcd stayed blank Nothing.

So I put in the memory card. (Sandisk ultra II 512.) The memory access light blinks. Well, that's better... but it keeps on blinking and blinking.

So I try pushing the menu button, and the menu flashes. For a second. then it goes blank.

Let's see... I check the manual. Pull the battery, put it back in. No change. Maybe it's dead? I charge it completely, then try again. Nothing.

Ok, let's try the secret reset button on the bottom! I tried it with the camera on, and off. Nothing.

So, on a longshot, I plug in the USB cable. My laptop connects/disconnects/conncects/disconnects to the camera. Nothing.

So now I mourn. Unless it somehow fixes itself tonight I'll call into service tomorrow. I don't konw what happened. I ALWAYS keep my camera in my case. I have never dropped it or anything like that. I BABY that camera.

And to top my bad day off... the reason that I was turning on the camera was because MY NEW SB-800 showed up today. Such is life, I guess.

So here I sit. Flashing the SB-800 here, with no D70.

Any ideas, or sympathy?


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