FZ20 in Silver at $519 (US)

Started Oct 11, 2004 | Discussions thread
JoMo1 Contributing Member • Posts: 500
Yes they are.....

They are the same as datavis.com.....their online store.......


A lot of folks not happy with them.....

Randy Rimland wrote:
they are not on resellerratings.com so i'd be worried
I just orderd an FZ20K at onecall for 533 that included 3 day
fedex...i ordered it this AM and they already shipped it

spacenuke wrote:
$519 for black too. And shipping is reasonable. I'm really tempted!

dougskopp wrote:

Datavision has the FZ20 in Silver (and probably in black, too) at
$519, plus tax.

Here's the link:


You have to access their website with Internet Explorer, for some
reason. Using Netscape does not open the window permitting you to
see "the lowest price." When I telephoned them, however, they were
willing to take my order for the camera at $519.

Just the same, I haven't ordered yet, because I am interested in
knowing if anyone on the llist has dealt with Datavision. Any
experiences I should know about?

With best wishes and thanks, Doug Skopp

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