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Re: The Four-Thirds standard

excal wrote:

Long live EBCDIC!
So, with Unicode here now, ASCII is dead perhaps? Do we apply the
same to EF? I think 4/3's has it's work cut out, just like Unicode.

Unicode is in far more places than most people realise. Windows has been Unicode internally for a long time, and Java has used it from the beginning. It is the standard character set for XML files.

People want to be able to communicate with anyone in the world in any language and script - ASCII is somewhat broken for that. Pure ASCII is pretty much dead anyway; almost everything my PC sees is now in a superset of ASCII, typically iso-8859-1 or Unicode UTF-8.

I agree with you on 4/3 though - I don't see the system going anywhere fast. So many people have an investment in other mounts that it is difficult to see it catching on. I really love the fact I can use my lenses on any Canon EF body - whether that is my 50E, the 20D, or my 1Ds MkII (I only get to use them on that body in my dreams though).

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